‘165×165’ by Boano Prišmontas

To give hope to the future that awaits Venice and its citizens.

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空间在建筑中是如何定义的?设计师Gino Valle用165×165厘米网格定义了Giudecca社会住宅的区域关系。该装置展示了在公寓项目中Gino Valle对空间的抽象和合理化控制。在该装置中,设计师将建筑师的设计过程呈现在观察者眼前,并试图告诉人们:这些描绘在纸上的线条并不仅仅是一些符号,语法或语言,它们就是空间,它们就是建筑。线条与距离化身成广场,墙壁,结构,空间尺度,平面和无形的空间边界,它们主宰了我们的生活空间。

What is space in architectural terms? Gino Valle relied on a spatial grid of 165x165cm to regulate all spatial relations of Giudecca’s Social Housing complex. Our installation aims to exhibit the process of abstraction and rational control over the space that happens in the architect’s mind. Our goal is to expose this process in the real world, showing that the lines once drawn on the paper are not only symbols, grammar, language, but they ‘are’ space, they ‘are’ architecture. Lines and distances become squares, walls, structure, room sizes, alignments and imperceptible void boundaries that host our existence and shape our perception of space.


Venice like Dubai struggles to focus its relation with “reality” and like London it fails to answer to the housing crisis. We specially insist to compare Venice with the rest of the world to highlight how, in our opinion, the city is alive, real and active, and full of inhabitants that are willing to proudly claim and defend their right to stay on the island. During these days the “unreality” of Venice stopped being an issue. Crowds of tourists were replaced by flocks of seagulls and Venice was seen as a distant shoreline, almost like a background screen of a theatre stage. The assembling of 165×165 has been a moment of exchange with the local inhabitants.  Our installation tiptoed in a microcosm of real venetian life and established a dialogue about life and architecture.


165×165, used 180m of led strips running in customised channels and fixed on bespoke connectors especially crafted for this occasion. Our intention was to bring a magical and evocative atmosphere in a local working-class campiello (square) of Venice. 165×165 is an installation for the people that aims to give hope to the future that awaits Venice and its citizens.

The Unfolding Pavilion是威尼斯国际建筑双年展的子单元活动之一。在今年的活动中,由建筑师Gino Valle设计的社会住宅区也成为展览空间之一。

The Unfolding Pavilion is an event that takes place every year in Venice during the Biennale. This year it temporarily inhabited one of the most spectacular architectures of Venice, Gino Valle’s Social Housing Complex (1984-86).



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