1000 COLORS WAVE by Emmanuelle Moureaux

The rainbow in the interior space

Project Specs


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日本爱媛县(Ehime Prefecture)的今治市(Imabari City)以其优质的毛巾产品和行业领先的织染工业而闻名于世。“今治市色彩展(IMABARI Color Show)”致力于向人们介绍今治市的染色技术,为此,设计师Emmanuelle通过自己独创的色板(共包含1000个颜色),专门创作了了一个名为“千色海浪(1000 COLORS WAVE)”的装置。这是继2017-2018年在螺旋花园(Spiral Garden)和今治市举办的“今治市色彩展”后,设计师Emmanuelle为该展览所创作的第二个装置。

Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture is known for its quality towels and for its leading textile dyeing industry. For the “IMABARI Color Show” introducing the dyeing technology in Imabari City, Emmanuelle revealed an installation “1000 COLORS WAVE”, using her own 1000 (one thousand) colors palette specially created for the exhibition. It is the second installation realized for the “IMABARI Color Show” after the 2017-2018 exhibitions in Spiral Garden and Imabari City.

▼装置一览,overview of the installation


这个由1000种颜色的丝线打造而成的织品覆盖了今治市礼堂(Imabari City Auditorium)的1002个座位,值得一提的是,该礼堂由著名建筑师丹下健三设计建造。明亮的色调不仅赋予整个空间一种能量,更创造出了与公共大厅天花板相联系的迷人色彩。

Even though the same water, formula, and environment are utilized during the dyeing process, the slightest change in weather and/or temperature can completely disrupt the result of the pigmentation. However, in the skilled hands of the craftsmen of Imabari, the dye process is so precise, 1000 unique colors of fabrics are possible.

One thousand pieces of textile specially dyed in 1000 different colors covered the 1002 seats of the Imabari City Auditorium, designed by the famous architect Kenzo Tange. The bright colors palette gave off an energy that created an astounding wave of colors which engaged with the ceiling of the public hall.

▼千色海浪装置是一个由000种颜色的丝线打造而成的织品,the installation that is a one thousand pieces of textile specially dyed in 1000 different colors

▼装置外观,织品覆盖了今治市礼堂的1002个座位,the installation covers the 1002 seats of the Imabari City Auditorium

▼装置局部,明亮的色调创造出了与公共大厅天花板相联系的迷人色彩,partial view of the installation, the bright colors palette creates an astounding wave of colors which engages with the ceiling of the public hall


“1000 COLORS WAVE” was created by the fusion of Emmanuelle’s colors with high quality skills of Imabari’s dyeing technicians. The technique of “dyeing” and the creation of “1000 colors”, multiplied by the delicacy of both have became a grand installation.

▼装置局部,partial view of the installation

Design : emmanuelle moureaux
Photograph : Daisuke Shima

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